Friday 17 Aug 2018
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About Us


We promise to promote healthy eating for everyone in a manner which substantially benefits our small farmers. When our small farmers supply the privileged in our society they are able to care for their children. This marketing programme is aptly named THE FAIR DEAL !


By working with strategic partners, we aim to achieve food security and poverty alleviation for all South Africans, while at the same time caring for the earth and ensuring sustainability. We further wish to see organic food and food products becoming an affordable and convenient option for South African households.


To provide opportunities for disadvantaged communities to become financially independent by teaching them to farm organically.  In line with global trends, we aim to promote environmental sustainability and good health through the implementation of certified organic farming practices thus providing organic foods.  We would like to see healthy, organic food being made available to the public in the near future, both as an added benefit to our farmers and as a means to fund our projects.


On small farms our mission is to assist small farmers in Africa to grow food for themselves and their communities.  These jobs provide nutrition which equates to good health; a consistent income allows farmers to better educate and care for their families; increased self esteem and financial stability ultimately lead to a decrease in crime.  We also aim to teach our farmers the principle added value by producing healthy, organic food products from their crops.

On large farms our mission is to commercialise larger farmers to enable them to participate in main stream agriculture.  OFG accordingly strives to develop a legacy of black leadership in agriculture.

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